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99% Purity 0.3um Spherical silica powder, Silica sphere, Microsphere, SS-D series

99% Purity 0.3um Spherical silica powder, Silica sphere, Microsphere, SS-D series

    • 99% Purity 0.3um Spherical silica powder, Silica sphere, Microsphere, SS-D series
    • 99% Purity 0.3um Spherical silica powder, Silica sphere, Microsphere, SS-D series
  • 99% Purity 0.3um Spherical silica powder, Silica sphere, Microsphere, SS-D series

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Model Number: SS-D-03

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
    Packaging Details: 8kg per bags ,
    Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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    Detailed Product Description
    Purity: SiO2 > 99.5% Size: D50 = 0.3um
    Spherical Rate: ≥ 95% Appearance: White Powder
    High Light:

    spherical silicon dioxide


    spherical sio2


    Spherical Silica Powder




    SINOENERGY GROUP by the use of modern scientific quality management system, implementation of advanced processing technology, the precise detection technology R & D and production of spherical silica ,which is in line with the requirement of electronic packaging materials.the product has good mobility,insulation,chemical stability ,etc.As a kind of filler material for epoxy molding compounds,it can play a role in improving fill rate,reducing stress concentration,reducing the die wear rate to lower the production costs and so on.



    SiO2 > 99.5%

    Spherical silica is kind of silica which has a spherical particles.

    Spherical silica has characters of high purity, low specific surface, good fluidity, low thermal stress etc.


    Typical Physical Data:

    Test Items Unit Typical value Instrument or Method
    Laser method D10 µm 0.0036 Laser Analyzer
    D50 µm 0.31
    D100 µm 0.67
    Specific surface area m2/g 14.2 Nitrogen Adsorption Method
    Magnetic Material ppm 0.5 Magnetic bar recovery method


    Typical Test Data:

    Test Items Unit Typical value Instrument or Method
    Chemical Composition SiO2 % 99.86 Weighing Method
    Fe2O3 ppm 80 Spectrophotometer
    Moisture % 0.07 Weight Method
    Whiteness % 94.5 Whiteness Meter
    Extraction Water Ec µs∕cm 13.2 Conductivity Meter
    Na+ ppm 0.71 AAS
    Cl- ppm 0.45 Auto Electric Potential Titrator
    pH 4.29 PH Meter

    Above specification are for common uses,and can be adjusted upon user’s request.



    Spherical Silica Powder

    SS-D series


    Typical Physical Data:

    Items unit Typical Value
    Appearance / white powder
    Density g/cm3 2.20
    Mok's hardness / 6.5
    Dielectric Constant / 3.7
    linear Expansion Coefficient 1/k 0.5×10-6
    Thermal Conductivity W/K.m 1000℃ 1.046


    Products Type and Typical Data:








    Specific surface

    area (m2/g)

    Chemical Composition Extraction Water













    SS-D-80 77.01 0.03 0.5 99.80 0.008 0.8 0.86 0.98 5.3
    SS-D-60 61.19 0.02 0.5 99.8 0.007 12 0.8 0.6 5.6
    SS-D-45 47.11 0.03 0.6 99.8 0.008 2.0 0.8 0.6 5.2
    SS-D-30 31.92 0.02 0.8 99.72 0.004 0.5 0.3 0.45 5.9
    SS-D-20 20.04 0.02 2.6 99.8 0.006 2.9 0.8 0.9 5.2
    SS-D-15 14.45 0.03 2 99.8 0.006 2.1 0.8 0.6 4.8
    SS-D-10 12.5 0.06 1 99.5 0.008 2.0 0.8 0.6 4.8
    SS-D-6 6.20 0.05 2 99.85 0.005 1.1 0.3 0.9 5.2
    SS-D-4 4.3 0.03 2 99.8 0.008 3.5 0.75 0.8 5.0
    SS-D-3 2.2 0.09 12 99.9 0.005 3.5 0.75 0.5 5.0
    SS-D-1.5 1.5 0.08 14.2 99.71 0.014 7.1 1.74 2.85 5.0
    SS-D-06 0.65 0.08 19.1 99.7 0.014 15.2 1.7 2.8 5.1
    SS-D-03 0.3 0.08 14.2 99.9 0.008 13.2 0.76 0.88 5.0


    or Method

    Laser Analyzer Weighing Nitrogen adsorption method Weighing






    AAS Automatic Titrator Potential PH Meter

    Above specification are for common uses,and can be adjusted upon user’s request.



    It is widely used in the fields of electronic packaging,chip packaging,photovoltaic cell chip packaging,special engineering plastic products,cosmetics,inks,pigments,daily chemical products, EMC, high-tech electronic materials, high grade paints, material additives, in silicone rubber, electronic ceramics, optical quartz glass manufacturing, fiber optics, dental materials, solar photovoltaic, electronic ink, new adhesives, sealants, green tires, etc.


    Spherical silica powder for Electronic Packaging

    Spherical silica powder is used for fillers can greatly enhance products rigid, wear resistance, weather resistance, shock resistance, press ressistance, pull resistance, fire resistance, favorable arc resistance dielectric properties and anti-UV. Using spherical silica powder to fill resin epoxy molding compound,it has many useful factors,such as small thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient. The spherical silica powder is used as microelectronics substrate and components of filling,the rate can reach 90%.It can be used as a large-scale, vlsi ideal substrate materials and packaging materials.


    Spherical silica powder for electronic ink

    spherical silica powder has good flow and lubrication.It can achieve better dispersion and stability of suspension.spherical silica powder used in inks and pigments can save consumption, it can get high hiding power, good gloss, fine resin grain size, forming a continuous and thin film, so that the printing of the pictures are very clear, if spherical silica powder used in UV ink, it can speed up the curing speed, It will make the ink colorful and lightful,let the printed image more beautiful.


    Spherical silica powder for Optical fiber materials
    Spherical fused silica powder has a smooth surface, large surface area, hardness, chemical stability, thermal expansion coefficient is small, scrolling is good, excellent mechanical properties, and other unique properties. spherical silica powder due to its high dielectric, high heat resistance, high wet resistance, high fill content, low expansion, low stress, low impurities, low friction coefficient, excellent performance.It is a high quality raw material for making optical fibers.


    Spherical silica powder for cosmetics raw materials

    Spherical silica powder made from an innovative technology and method. It can obtain a narrow particle size distribution and large surface area. Spherical silica have unique properties as follows:  

    Spherical silica powder has smaller average size determine that it has good smoothness;
    Spherical silica powder has a narrow particle size distribution decided its good liquidity and texture;
    Spherical silica powder has big specific surface area determines the cosmetics formula to be more economic. This feature also let Spherical silica powder has own great absorption function which can use for spices, nutrients and protection chemicals.

    Meanwhile,Spherical silica powder is also used for lipstick, pressed powder, and foundation because spherical silica have benign disperity and intermiscibility which is good for our skin. What’s more, great hydrophobicity can strength makeup long-lasting.


    Spherical silica powder for special ceramics

    High purity spherical silica powder is an important functional materials with advantages of chemical stability, acid resistance, well-developed porosity, large surface activity, low oil absorption rate, high temperature resistance, strong thickening and good electrical insulation property, good anti-ultraviolet property.For these features of Spherical silica powder, it can improve traditional materials and generate new material. Such as, high strength, super-hard, high toughness, superplastic materials and insulation materials, electrode materials and superconducting materials, special low-temperature sintering refractory heat transfer materials and high-tech new materials.


    Spherical silica powder for Optical fiber cable filling gel thickener

    Due to the infiltration of water and moisture, it will result in deterioration of the transmission performance of fiber optic cable, or even can not use. In order to prevent the intrusion of moisture and friction between the optical fiber made of fiber damage, in addition to filling the gap of the optical fiber cable ointment, but also need optical fiber coated with ointment. Our Company’s high purity spherical silica powder can replace the imported raw materials.It is not only low cost, but also the performance index has reached the level of imports of similar products.


    Spherical silica powder for Precision Grinding Powder

    High purity spherical silica powder is widely used in optical devices and optoelectronic industry, precision grinding, especially for grinding, polishing semiconductor single crystal silicon chip, glass screen CRT glass, optical glass, liquid crystal display (LCD, LED) glass substrates, piezoelectric quartz crystal , compound semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, indium phosphide), magnetic materials such as semiconductor industry.


    High purity spherical silica powder for paint

    High purity spherical silica powder has special optical properties, it has a strong UV absorption, infrared reflectance characteristics. Add it to the paint coating can form a shielding effect, to resist ultraviolet aging and thermal aging purposes, while increasing the insulation coating.

    High purity spherical silica powder has a large surface area, showed great activity, can form a network structure when the paint dried. While increasing the strength and finish paint, but also improve the color of the suspension, to maintain the color of paint for long time. Add the spherical silica powder to latex paint of the building, it can improve the effect of coating, paint is not stratification. With thixotropy, anti-sag, good construction performance, in particular the anti-contamination performance greatly improved, with excellent self-cleaning ability and adhesion.

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